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Android, Java, Web.


Two years experience in developing my own Android projects. Most of them are native and are based on Java programming language.


Three years experience. It helps me for building Android applications or Server-based solutions.


Four years experience with CMS systems like Wordpress. Mainly interested in Front-end development.


Some of my latest work

Fortune Teller - Life Path

Android application

IQ Test (intelligence)

Android application


Android application


Android application


Android application

DimiTech.net - ИТ Портал

Android application

About me

Information about me.

Julian Dimitrov

Android/Java/Web developer

My name is Julian Dimitrov. The guy in the picture is me.

I am a 21 years old student in Technical University of Sofia, (subject - Computer systems and Technologies). I don't know how it helps me, but when I mention it, I feel more special. :D

I have been dealing with computers maybe since 2002-2003 and may say that I can't live without them anymore. Well, it doesn't mean that I can't do regular stuff from the real life. :D

I have knowledge of Java, Android, Pascal, Visual Basic, C, C++, HTML, CSS and others.

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